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Dr. Reynolds stated that it was the best thing I could have done to come down and talk to Dreams and that gave her the will to fight and stay in this world. Dreams started improving, although her blood pressure and temperature were still down. Her temperature was 96 degrees F. when I arrived at Loomis Basin. Connie and I left Dr. Reynolds at about 4:00 p.m. He came out to the car with us and kept the heart monitor on her as I kept saying she is not alive, that is the way it looked to me, no movement or any sign of life, and I could not tell that she was breathing. Dr. Reynolds kept saying, "No, there is a heartbeat, she is alive, get her to Loomis Basin". He kept listening to her heart as we were backing up to leave and her heart was still beating. I sat in the back of my van, on the floor with her stretched out and her head in my hand and kept saying, "please Dreams stay with me, I can't bear to see you go and I love you so". I just kept saying that all the way to the other clinic. They knew we were coming and when we got there, they took us right in. They took Dreams back immediately and we stayed in the lobby while they began working on her. Before I left to go home, they called me back and said they had her wrapped in a special warming blanket which covered every part of her so that her feet could warm up, also. They had oxygen going to her mouth but not down her throat. I talked to her again and told her I would be back the next day and to please be better. They said there was probably a fifty-fifty chance of her surviving but that it did not look promising. They assigned a technician to be with her all night and the veterinarian assigned to her kept a close watch on her through the night as well. I got a call the next day, about 7:30 in the morning, and I dreaded to pick up the phone but knew I had to. The vet said, guess what, she is sitting up in her cage and she ate a little bit that morning. I don't believe it", she said, "but she is. She is not totally focused but she is better." I went down to the clinic to visit her and she was brought into a room for me to be with her. She saw me and started talking to me. It was hard for her to sit still and she was still confused and just not too sure of things, but as I held her, she was warm, her heart was beating, her blood pressure was fine, and her temperature was normal. I stayed with her for about an hour and she was happy to see me. After I got home, I kept checking on how she was doing and the vet said, "still stable and sitting up and also sleeping a lot." The next day I got a phone call at 9:00 a.m. and picked up the phone knowing in my heart it would be a good call and that it was. She was fifty percent better than yesterday, she ate, and she can go home. The veterinarian wanted her to stay in a cage for a while as she still exhibited some confusion, but was almost back to normal. On the way home, I held her in my lap while she purred the entire trip. She kept giving me little kisses and talking to me like she was trying to say, "Wow, that was a close one, Mom, but I am here on your lap". She was very happy to be home and took to the cage just fine, although being confined is not what she expected or wanted, but after what she went through, it was best she was confined at first. She continued to improve and in four days I took her back to my vet to have her x-rayed again to see if her lungs were clear and her heartbeat was normal. When Dr. Reynolds and the vet technician took her back to get the x-rays, it seemed they were gone an awfully long time and I began to get worried. So, I went out to the front desk to see if everything was okay and they laughed and said, "sorry, everyone was just so glad to see her they were making over her and loving on her." She had a slight ear infection, so Dr. Reynolds cleaned her ear and put in an antibiotic to clear the infection. He said, "she seems so good, she can run your house again." So home we went and she was very happy to run free in the house with her other cat friends and me close by at all times. She got to sleep with Mom Dee and that made her even happier. She slept by my face, over my arm all night. She is a little slower but otherwise appears normal. She has a litter of ten week old kittens at home and I let her see them. She licked them and loved on them and all were happy to see each other, even though they had been weaned before I took Dreams in for her teeth cleaning. It is really amazing that she acts so normal with the trauma she went through.
Yes, I prayed for her. I asked God to let her live. I was not asking a favor for me, but for Dreams as she was a good girl and did not deserve to die at only four years of age.

Can you believe that it is one week today since this happened and she is now running the house, screaming her head off. Yep, she is in season. Will we be breeding her? NO WAY, lol!
I wanted to share this story because it truly was a Miracle that Dreams came back to life. Both veterinary Clinics said this and they still find it hard to believe she is alive. It just takes faith, a wonderful veterinarian and staff who worked tirelessly for three hours straight even though, to all outward appearances, Dreams had died. They put forth their best efforts to give her a chance to live again. So, if your cat experiences a similar circumstance, tell your veterinarian to try and bring them back as Miracles can and do happen.
Thank you to all my friends who knew the situation and prayed for Dreams to live. I think the energy created by so many with their thoughts and prayers helped bring her back also. I will be keeping one of Dreams' kittens and have named her, "Chasing Miracles".

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