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I would like to share this heart-warming story with the Cat Fancy to show that Miracles can and do happen, and that you must never give up believing in Miracles.
I took my heart-and-soul cat, GC RW San-Toi's Day Dreams, a 4 year old chocolate point Siamese, to West Roseville Veterinary Hospital, to my veterinarian Dr. James Reynolds, to have her teeth cleaned. In my fifty-seven years of breeding cats, this special little girl is without a doubt my very, very favorite cat. There is a bond that I have never experienced with any other cat. I have said many times it is like someone close to me, someone in my life wanted to be close to me, so came back as a cat, that is my Day Dreams. She is so bonded to me that she is always in the house wherever I am. She will not share me with another cat and beats them up if they come close to me. She has finally accepted several to live as house cats along with her, but it was always a lot of work getting her to that point. She accepts petting and holding from others only if I am there. Even Connie can only pet her and give her love when I am there, otherwise, she runs away. I am hers and that is that! I, of course, feel the same way, I love her beyond words. She is like a human and actually understands things I tell her to do. She knows my every move. If I call her she comes, if I tell her to jump on the bed, she does, if I tell her to fetch and bring it back and put it in my hand, she does. If I have a restless night, she always has to sleep touching me. I tell her, "I can't lie still, so stay in your pillow on the other side of the bed", and she does. It is really uncanny.

I took her in to my veterinarian on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012. Around noon, Dr. Reynolds called and said he did not have good news for me. My heart sank. I was thinking the worst, which turned out to be the situation. Dr. Reynolds told me that Dreams recovered after her dental and they put her in a recovery cage. She sat up and blinked so they thought she was coming out of the anesthesia with no problems. The veterinary technician taking care of Dreams went to put away a few things and then was going to take a quick break but thought she would check on Dreams first. To her shock and surprise, there was Dreams, lying down flat in her cage, DEAD. She was cold to the touch, her color was blue, she had no heartbeat, she was not breathing and her eyes were fixed and dilated. The tech picked her up and ran to Dr. Reynolds with Dreams lying in her arms. Dr. Reynolds said, "Oh no, not Dee's kitty" (he knew the relationship that Dreams and I share). A quick decision was needed. "Dr. Reynolds said a silent prayer to the Heavenly Father, if it be thy will, help us save this cat."

Dr. Reynolds, Monica and Amanda (the two veterinary technicians that helped work on her) said they were going to try everything they could to bring her back. Everyone gave up their lunch hours to try and save Dreams, including the other technicians, Barry and Shelby. The two receptionists, Erynn and Tina, handled the phone calls so as not to bother Dr. Reynolds and the techs so they could give their full attention to bringing Dreams back to life.
They worked on her for three hours straight, Monica giving Dreams CPR, Dr. Reynolds giving the important medications to try and get her heart pumping again. It was a challenge as they had to give her oxygen with a tube going down her throat. Too much oxygen can cause brain damage and being lifeless can cause more damage than good. They had to know when to give it and when not to, a delicate balance had to be achieved. Her lungs filled with fluid and they had to hold her upside down and massage her body to cause the massive amount of fluid to come out of her mouth.
As Monica continued administering CPR, Dr. Reynolds said, "I think I hear a faint heartbeat". Monica said, "no way". She listened also, and yes, there was a slight heartbeat and her blood pressure rose, but it was extremely low. The temperature was to low to monitor, pupils were fixed and dilated. She had no pulse. She was clinically dead. They wrapped her in a warming blanket to bring her body temperature up as she felt cold to the touch. She started warming up a bit, but her ears and paws were still cold. She was barely breathing and her heartbeat was very irregular, it was all over the place. I went down to be with Dreams as soon as Dr. Reynolds called. When I got there, I looked at her and thought she was dead. Dr. Reynolds said she had a heartbeat and some blood pressure but I sure could not tell. She had a very swollen mouth area and with the oxygen tube down her throat, she just did not look like she was alive, or, if she was, I did not think she would ever be able to recover. I put my hands on her little head and kissed her and told her not to leave me and that I loved her. We needed her here and I would not be able to stand it if she were to leave me. "Please don't die", I said. Dr. Reynolds said her heartbeat got stronger and her blood pressure went up as I talked to her. Dr. Reynolds arranged for me to take her to the Loomis Basin Emergency Hospital so she could be closely monitored throughout the night. I knew this clinic and it is excellent, comparable to the University of California, Davis. They have all the modern equipment and can operate on horses, also. They have over fifty veterinarians there in addition to a similar number of technicians to give around-the-clock care.

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