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Best Siamese and 22nd Best Cat, NW GC San-Toi's Ditto, a seal pt female, was a little different style and look resulting from a combination of CFA Judge Larry Adkison's lines, Tan-Tara, which is built strongly upon Betty White's lines, Angkor Rose which was on the sire's side; on the dam's side is GC Pridenjoy's Marcia of San-Toi who is a combination of Singa, Lilliput, & InLieu.  Although Ditto didn't have the huge fly=away ears, those attributes which made her a National Winner include beautiful even color and black points, sapphire blue eyes, exceptionally hard body, flat profile with chin in perfect alignment, smooth wedge and refined boning.

NW GC San-Toi's Forget Me Not is a combination of Hot Chocolate and Yankee Doodle Dandy combination, her sire being CH Silmara's Yankee Jazz Man and GC Elsk Star Shine of San-Toi.

We also bred and showed Abyssinians for many years.  Our first Aby grand was GC San-Toi's Fleetwood Mack, a very impressive ruddy male with a super coat.  We didn't know how much we needed to learn about showing and breeding Aby"s and Wain Harding came to our rescue.   We have had 9 Abyssinian Grand's, one of which was a National Winner, NW GC San-Toi's Li'l Cougar, 20th Best Cat in 1988.

Oriental Shorthairs just sort of happened, they intrigued us because they looked a lot like the Siamese only came in different colors and patterns.  Our first one, a chestnut female, Corwyn's Chelsea of San-Toi, was given to us by Ruth Cook for helping her give shots to her cats. Chelsea was bred to a lilac point male Siamese out of my lines.  My first litter produced two gorgeous lavender kittens: the male was sold as a premier and shown in All American Shows.  He had the most beautiful green eyes.  He was Best All American Premier for two years in a row.  We kept the lavender female who became our first Oriental Grand and DM, GC San-Toi's Tangueray.  We obtained our first Oriental male, Ch. Lupracan Mus Brown Paper Package from CFA judge Mary Stewart.  Paper Package and Tangueray produced GC San-Toi's Tootsie, also a DM.  Tootsie was a chestnut with the most exquisite chestnut color, coat texture and type.  These cats are the foundation of our Oriental program.  Tangueray produced GC San-Toi's Blackberry of Kimeron who went on to produce NW GC Kimeron's Blackberry of San-Toi,   who was 5th Best Cat in 1989.  She was the mother of NW GP San-Toi's Orient Express of Elsk, National 14th Best Alter . The sire of Kimeron's Blackberry was GC San-Toi's Jed I Night of Kimeron.

We love our cats and house raise our kittens so they will be well socialized.  We love to help new people get started out and are always willing to help.  Sometimes if a cat does not Grand, don't give up because there are many super nice cats in the show ring in every breed.  The competition is very hard these days as there are so many nice cats out there.   We will sell our best, we just ask that you show it.

The year that I was showing Dandy, I met a very impressive cat, NW GC Kanab's Luanne's Mahogany Rush, owned by Matha & Tome Rogers.  I fell in love with him and the Maine Coons and expressed the desire to own one of Mahogany Rush's kittens.  Tome called me and said they had just the boy for me, my wonderful GC Groovycats Bullwinkle of San-Toi.   Bullwinkle went on to sire several Grand Premiers and Regional Winners.  I also purchased a beautiful female CH Allmykittens Feebe Tyler of San-Toi.  Winkie, as we call him, and Feebe are the two that produced many nice kittens for us.  This is a wonderful breed and the Siamese love them, too much.  I think it is the long coat as they love to curl up with the Maine Coons.  It is just too much to be involved in three breeds so I have passed on to my very dear friend, Becky Williams, most of my Maine Coons and we will both work with them together but they took up residence in her household.  The Maine Coons will always remain dear to my heart but the Siamese & Orientals rule, what can I say!  And we only have time and room for two breeds to work with.  But I am still involved with them as a co-owner with Becky.

NW GC San-Toi's Yankee Doodle Dandy, DM

GC San-Toi's Silhouette NW GC San-Toi's Ditto CH San-Toi's Hot Chocolet, last son of Ballad - 1989
Purina Invitational Best Siamese Kitten

GC San-Toi's Tangueray, DM GC San-Toi's Rhapsody in Blue
1988 Best Kitten in Region
GC San-Toi's Tootsie, DM

And last but not least is Connie Roberts & Dee Johnson
This picture was taken in 1979

I am trying to dig up some more old pictures but it takes time to find all of them, and some have just disappeared over the years. And some the cats destroyed.

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