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When Laurel Jenkins went out of cats, I decided I wanted more of her lines, so I got in touch with Sandra Pongranz who had most of Laurel's cats. Sandra and I became good friends and I purchased several cats from her including GC Catana Sundowner who was BOX Cat (Best Opposite Sex) in the Region. Later I ended up with GC Jen-kins Frostoria, Jen-Kins Rebel, NW GC Catana Dakota, Catana Sundew, to mention a few. All cats that contributed much to the beginning of the San-Toi lines.

I was getting beautiful heads and bodies, but I wanted a larger and wider ear set. I contacted Jeanne Singer (Singa Cattery) and was placed on her waiting list. I was there at the right time when she had a seal pt male available. When I went to the airport to pick him up, I couldn't believe my eyes. Peering out of this carrier was this kitten with the biggest, wide set ears I had ever seen, with a beautiful head and dark blue eyes. My heart did a flip flop. I named him Singa Ballad of San-Toi. He did have Grand points but he darkened early and I was not able to grand him. Title's don't mean every thing and this great cat went on to produce many Grand Champions, National and Regional Winners. He also earned the Distinguished Merit Award. He is behind a lot of pedigrees today. Some of his more notable offspring include: NW GC San-Toi's Christa M, NW GC San-Toi's Tiffany Tu, GC Waltur's Koi-Boi, DM. He is behind NW GC San-Toi's Legend of Skan, NW GC San-Toi's Yankee Doodle Dandy to mention a few.

CH Singa Ballad of San-Toi, DM Ballad and Dee

GC, BW, NW San-Toi's Legend of Skan Legend and Ann Leaty

Another important acquisition to my breeding program was CH Angkor Rose Li'l Snoopy from Betty White. Betty's cats were well known for health, excellent color & hard bodies. The Singa/Angkor Rose cross with my other lines worked fantastically well, producing my first Distinguished Merit cat, GC San-Toi's Blue Horizon, DM, a blue pt. siamese female. Blue Horizon was the dam of NW GC San-Toi's Celebration in Blue and NW GC San-Toi's Am I Blu.

Several years later, I traded cats with CFA judge John Dawe from whom I obtained CH Dahin Daneta who had been bred to CH Moqui's Daddy Long Legs. The breeding produced 6 kittens, one of which was GC San-Toi's Keepsake,DM (still alive & doing well). Daneta was also the mother of Christa M and Keepsake went on to produce NW GC San-Toi's Wish Upon a Star, 2nd best Siamese 1989. Wish Upon a Star went on to produce NW GC San-Toi's Best Wishes of El-Dia, owned by Barbara Phelps.

CH Ankgor Rose Li'l Snoopy

GC, NW San-Toi's Tiffany Tu GC, NW Catana Dakota GC San-Toi's Blue Horizon, DM

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