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We were interviewed several years ago and our interview was published in the Almanac. I am using part of that story but edited.

It all started when I was 19 years old, I was given two siamese, one chocolate pt. and one seal pt. They were papered and supposed to be "show" cats. I have always had cats as they are my favorite animal and I was really taken by these two siamese. They were so smart, I trained them to go on a leash, they would fetch for me by the hour ( fetching seems to be something that comes natural with the siamese), ride with me in the car, sit up on command for their dinner. I was so impressed with the intelligence of the siamese, I decided to breed them. Ming, the seal pt male, and Pyewacket, the chocolate pt female produced my first litter and what a joy they were; I had more fun with these kittens.

One day I saw an add in the paper for a cat show and I thought it would be fun to go check it out. After seeing all the different cats, and my favorite the siamese, I thought, boy my two two would win everything as they looked different than what was being shown. After talking with several breeders I realized that mine were not show cats. Being the competitive person that I am, I decided I wanted to show cats (I also was showing horses at the time) and I purchased a show male that was a double-up on Fan-T-Cee's Tee Cee. At the show I met a very impressive lady, Vivian Wheaton (Maloja Cattery), and got on her waiting list for a female. Boy, was I gung-ho. I purchased a breeder female from CFA Judge Marian Williams (Shalin Cattery). I had such determination to breed the best cats I could. I started talking to many breeders and studying pedigrees. I saw who was winning and realized there was a look I wanted to produce and was determined to do it.

I later met Laurel Jenkins and fell in love with her cats. She had an eye for cats and the look she produced was something I wanted to incorporate into my cats. The head type she produced was phenomenal. I bought two of her cats; Jen-kins Duchess and Jen-kins Vixen. Duchess never gave me any kittens, but Vixen was the start of everything. She was the dam of GC San-Toi's Beau Mondel who was the sire of GC San-tana's Podgorney, 3rd Best Cat Nationally and in the same year he also produced GC Timfy's Timphy (owened by Betty Denny) who was best cat in All American Scoring. The sire of GC San-Toi's Beau Mondel was GC Catana Sundowner of San-Toi, another cat that contributed a lot to my breeding program in the beginning. I also purchased a breeder/show female seal pt and named her Toi-San which means little toy in Thai language. She was a streamlined, refined female with a lovely personality. She was my favorite cat at the time and in 1968 I decided to register a cattery name, so I named it after her only reversing it to San-Toi. My first Grand Ch was produced by Toi-San and Catana Sundowner which was GC San-Toi's Tiffany.

GC Catana Sundowner of San-Toi GC San-Toi's Tiffany GC San-Toi's Beau Mondel

1969-1970 Best Cat in Northwest Region
GC San-Toi's Tiffany

NW GC Santana's Podgorney Vivan Wheaton with GC Maloja's Mr B GC San-Toi's Peppermint Pattie - Ballad daughter

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